giveawayRocket started over on planet5D.com – where we've been doing giveaways whenever we could find a sponsor who wanted to launch a product or announce a sale or what ever they needed.

We did them because we knew our readers would also greatly desire to win something cool!

In the early years, we used whatever free tools we could find… and then the age of ‘viral' giveaways started and we bought a tool that would incentivize people to share socially.

And that worked well… until we learned a lot more about the best ways to run the giveaways and we also found new tools that would improve the experience and would bring in more leads for the sponsors. Everyone was happy!

I think you do a fantastic job, well worth the investment in my opinion… I can see you charging 3 times as much without it feeling overpricedHappy Sponsor (Rocket Rooster)
And now we've expanded to a whole new universe!

We're not only offering giveaways on planet5D, but now we're finding partners on other sites who also want to experience what we're doing and share in the growth.

Plus, we're finding new sponsors and new ways to help small business owners start their email lists from scratch.

Our Core Values

We Create Fun


Fun? Really? Yes! Making giveaways exciting for the end user means more signups – which leads to happier clients and bloggers. So yes!


We Pursue Excellence


We're constantly learning and challenging ourselves to find new ways of making our giveaways better and more successful. If we were just hacking it, we wouldn't be getting repeat customers!


We Practice Honesty


We tell it like it is (with a little levity thrown in of course)… there's no reason to hide truths or make up lies. We know that sharing everything with our clients means others may learn and grow from our success, but being honest and above board is more important to us.


We Foster Education


Sharing knowledge has always been at our core – that's why we started planet5D – to share what we learned. And that's why we became so successful there. People trusted us to share what we were learning.

An educated consumer is the best kind.



Chief Astronomer

Endeavoring to have fun and learn and grow and share along the way… oh, and he really does have his own planet.