Can you do B2B contests?

It turns out this morning when I did a Facebook live, my usual weekly contest review, I probably didn't even change the title for this. So I'm sorry.

Um, I missed a question from Ian and I wanted to go in and address it because it's, it's a very interesting question and I don't think it's often talked enough about, and therefore I thought, what the heck let's just go on.

And instead of trying to type an answer to Ian, uh, maybe I should just do a Facebook live and get it on record. Right. Get it out there. So people think about it. And part of the reason I also wanted to do it is to kind of like notify some of you and I'm sorry I got like cat hair or something on my glasses,

and it itches.

But maybe some of you haven't heard about my new movers mastermind and this would be the kind of perfect thing that we would be talking about inside the mastermind, because this isn't just a simple answer. This is a kind of a long form question and a long form answer.

And if I just throw something out at Ian and say, well, there's your answer, then you kind of struggle with it. You kind of just kinda get stuck. And I've, I certainly have been there and the times where I've had somebody actually helping me out and somebody supporting me, uh, somebody working with me, then I've, I've been able to do things better.

And so I'm going to kinda give you the quick spam, because I do want people to know that that this new movers membership is available. Um, and for whatever, there it is. Um, the, the link to go join that is over at And the intent of it is to be able to, uh, help people out on a long term kind of basis. Those people that are wanting to build their business and build their marketing.

That's what I wanna do. I want to help people in a long range format. So that's kinda where I'm going with Ian. I'm hoping that Ian will join. We, we talked about it briefly yesterday, and he was on this morning skull, as I said. And what I want to do is to bring up his question that he asked me that I forgot to answer that I missed.

See if I made it a little bigger, uh, too big for my type of service and target market I E business business. Do you have some examples to show that contests work? My target market is, uh, HR and training managers, the budget and decision makers for companies now.

So here's, here's kind of my answer business to business is much harder and I'm actually probably confessing because I think some of the marketing types for these tools would say, don't say the word much in front of that, but let's be realistic. It is harder to do business to business kinds of marketing campaigns than it is business to consumer, right?

It's really easy to offer a $50 Amazon gift card to a consumer and you're wag it in front of them and they say Oh, I'm really interested in that. And they jump on it, right.

But when you're talking to business to business and your target market is relatively narrow, like what Ian's talking about, then you got a much more difficult task. Here's the reason, right? With the tools like upViral and Vyper and all the other tools that are in the market.

Uh, the does sexiness of it is that you can create a Facebook sharing image, Twitter sharing images, Pinterest, whatever, Instagram, whatever EDU, you know, like in the winter. And it was on gift card. He put up the picture of an Amazon gift card and off you go and people go, Oh, when that, yeah, I'm interested.

It's really easy for them to conceive. But if you're doing business to business, especially with a somewhat narrow, uh, market, what you've got to sort of be doing is to not do the social sharing, kind of what you potentially are doing as a matter of fact, is more of a referral program. So let's say that Ian's going after a target market of human resources, right?

Human resources, people, no other human resources, people, whether it's in their own company or others. Right. And therefore, what we're looking for is a lot more of the one on one conversation than the spamming with the Facebook image and just splash it all over everywhere. So that's why I say it's a little bit more difficult in is because you are really going to be encouraging people.

And that's where I think the referral program comes in. So to like upviral, you put in rewards and in those rewards, you say, Hey, Betty, Lou, if you happen to bring in three people into our campaign, then we will give you XYZ, right? Specifically targeted XYZ thing for human resource people. Maybe it's a checklist.

Maybe it's a one hour training on how to be better in HR, how to be a better training manager, you know, whatever kind of targeted thing that would be interesting to not only Betty Lou, but interesting enough for Betty Lou to share it. And therefore that's where the appeal is, right? What is that magic thing that gets people to share?

Again, most of these people, aren't going to just be spraying this all over social media, because they will think in their heads, this is an interesting prize, but the vast majority of the people on my Facebook timeline are not interested in that maybe their friends and family and, you know, relatives or people that live in the same town.

And those people may or may not be HR people or training managers.

And therefore what they're going to be looking for are feeling limp, Betty, Lou's going, that feels like spam to me. So they won't necessarily share it socially. And that's, and that's the downfall of tools like this, but it's also tools like UpViral that bring you the ability to easily create a referral program where you ask people to share it with other HR folks, other, their HR training managers, whatever, and say, look, we got this great offer, right.

And we've got this great thing. Um, I don't have a whole lot of examples, which is what Ian was asking. Uh, how do you show that contest work? It's more difficult. I, what I was just doing, I went through the UpViral case studies.

Um, I didn't find any business to business (B2B).

I found lots of business to consumer, so I actually Googled it and Vyper has a very good example. And I will put the link to that in there in the, in the post, um, over on Facebook. I don't know if, I don't know if anybody's over here on YouTube, but it's a good example, but they're hard to find.

I get that, uh, Wilco likes to talk about the Dropbox, for example, in, it's not really a business to business. It's more business to consumer, right? Um, most of the really good sexyish examples are not like this. Um, hi Devin, thank you for popping in. I had a very narrow person… that came out wrong.

I had a person come to me sometime ago. Uh, and I, I talk about her because I think you have to sort of think outside the box, she is a person who teaches sword swallowing or flame swallowing, or, you know, that kind of, uh, entertainment that she teaches people to do. Not a whole lot of people would necessarily do the social sharing.

Not a lot of people would be even interested in that in the first place. It also, at least at the time had to be in person because she was doing it in a specific spot. Um, and I suggested to her that maybe what she should do would be to offer it as a team building exercise, right? So there's all kinds of business,

people that are looking to put their team in a location for an hour or two hours for them to get to know each other better and to do something really Evonne guard, really different. Um, one time I was taken to, I was a salt Lake city. It was taken to do curling on the ice at the Olympic dome that was there.

so it was very unique and very different of, so what you kind of have to do, I'm trying to relate to this, that you got to think outside the box in terms of this, because what you're going after as a specific group of people that is different. And what you're asking them to do is to refer other of those people that they know cause you know, they all know each other, right.

Um, when I was a programmer, I knew lots of computer programmers. It's the way we work so long form answer here, but there isn't a fantastic answer. But in terms of talking about what I was talking about before in that what we're doing inside of the movers program, and let me put up the link again, if I may is to be able to take somebody like Ian, who is working on a problem like this, and to help them walk through that, and we would do it over multiple months, right?

This is not a one time. Try it and see if it works kind of thing as much as we would like to be able to just throw something together and have it be magic.

Like the marketing people tell us for these tools, you and I both know that that's not the way it's going to work. And so attacking a problem like this over a long term, where you're going to try it multiple times and to have a group of people that are helping you figure that out, that have experience or are just learning themselves. But they have experience in different areas.

That's why a mastermind like this is so awesome. You have the ability to work with others and to figure out what's going on. I'll give you an example. Um, I spoke to a gentleman this morning that I've been working with off and on. And if he happens to pop in or see this it's, I'm not trying to be mean about it.

Uh, and I understand the frustration, but he ran a contest and put some money in Facebook ads and worked his tail off on it, sent out an email the other day in to his new 2000 people and no buddy bought. So he, you know, he's, I think he specifically said, well so much for doing contest or something similar. And I'm like, well, wait a minute, slow down, time out.

You've only tried this once. And you've only given it 24, 48 hours after the campaign is over and you've already slammed them with an email that says, bye, bye, bye. That's not the way it works. You gotta slow down. You got to take your time and do it right.

And he said, well, what did I do wrong? I said, I don't know. I don't, I don't, I'm not intimately aware of your offer. I'm not, was not involved in setting up the marketing and the emails that you sent out. And then, so I don't, I can't just say bam. It failed because of this thing.

What I advised him to do was to go start talking to the people that are on his, on his list. Now he's got 2000 people on his list, right? Go start talking to them, find out, ask them, say, well, you know, is anybody willing to ask, answer a few questions? And they said, well, I probably have to dangle something in front.

Maybe you don't, maybe you just put out an email and say, well, all right, that didn't work the way I thought is anybody willing to talk to me and find out, help me figure out what I did wrong. I'm learning. Sometimes people are willing to help. Lenny says you only did it once. That's right.

I'd go back to my, my current new analogy is T-ball right. Uh, it's very simple to understand you put a ball on the top of a stick and you tell the kid to walk up and hit it. How many times if you've ever watched kids do T-ball. I ought to get a little gift for something with kids. They hit the stick. They hit the ground. They hit the swing past the top.

If you only give them one swing, that's it for their baseball. And you're done. Heck no. Why? Why w why on God's green earth, would you do this one time, spend money on it, spend time learning, create the offer, and then say at the end that, Oh, that didn't work. If you S if you just slammed one email at people or two or three or whatever at an offer, and nobody bought you, didn't nurture them.

You didn't do anything to get them a happy and warm and fuzzy to you. That means you just got them on your list. And the very first thing you're trying to do is sell. I understand by the way that everybody looks at the UpViral campaign that, um, David does for the bunkie and David, you know, on his third year, brought in 103,000 leads.

He didn't start out with 103,000 liens.

And I love, uh, what Lenny just posted. He wants a gold medal with his first swing or a home run would maybe be a better analogy for baseball and look, Lenny. It brought in your picture today. It brings in your picture.

It didn't do that. Yes. Earlier today. Um, Oh, cause I'm running the beta. That's why I'm running the beta of Ecamm. So all of that point being, you know, when you do this stuff, it is so much better. If you have somebody, a team of people to help you that are working on this stuff.

And that's why I have created the brand new movers mastermind program. Um, and I appreciate you letting for popping in, cause you're always so supportive, but that's, that's the key. If you're trying to do business to business, uh, think of it as a referral program, not as a great contest where people are gonna win a bunch of stuff.

But in this particular campaign that the Vyper folks are talking about, um, what they did was they did a sass giveaway software giveaway in order to go after businesses, people that are running businesses. So they were specifically targeting business to business kinds of software. Uh, maybe that doesn't appeal to Ian and what he's doing it.

But again, uh, it's a, it's a work in progress. I'll tell you that if you come into the movers program, Mitch does know everything. Mitch is still learning. Uh, I've done overhand a hundred campaigns with students and clients and for my own clients. But that doesn't mean I've done everything and been everywhere and know everything and how to tell you the perfect answer and how to hit a home run on the first swing.

It just doesn't happen. Even the experts try multiple things. Does, does Coca Cola have the right marketing pitch every time? Do you remember? Um, what was it, what was it a new Coke? There's plenty of fails out there. Many of you don't know NewCo. I remember when they announced new Coke, that wasn't what it was called.

Was it, it was called something else. I know Pepsi, Pepsi, one that they announced and that didn't do so well. Um, but the new Coke, I actually went out and bought a couple of cases, the old Coke. Cause I didn't, I wasn't sure I was going to like the new Coke and I didn't know, they ended up going back to the old formulation as a matter of fact.

But anyway, I digress. I answered Ian's question. That was my point of coming on, was to talk about the question that I missed this morning. So Ian, if you have any questions, uh, any additional questions, happy to talk about this even more. We'd love to have you in the movers program. If you feel it fits, uh,

Lenny says, do a lifetime offer for whatever you offer. That's a good offer for business to business and on theme. It's very true. It's very good point. Lenny Lenny is in the movers program by the way. So when we have conversations like this and I don't necessarily come up with the brilliant thing, Lenny's right there to back me up.

So there's, there are all different kinds of things that you can think of to do and testing. We'll show you how to do it properly. Uh, and we will do that over a period of time in the movers program. So there you go. I'm going to sign off for now. Appreciate you showing up everybody. Anybody that has any questions, I'll give you the 32nd warning.

If you have any questions, do it quickly. I like to answer questions. If you have a question quickly type in the, in the feed And hit return before I sign out, Loops do It again. I was going to stop it. Oh my gosh. Do you hear yourself? I do hear myself. Thank you very much. Kind of.

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Lenny says join the free group.

Yes, we do want more bodies over on the free group. Hey Mitch. Good to hear from you. Preoccupied by Mitch. Mitch wants to move you off his team, Mitch. We are lucky to have you. I know Jennifer, you are so lucky to have me and I love you too, Jennifer. I wish you the best in your new career.

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I appreciate each and every one of you, I will see you again very soon. Mmm That's it. Over and out.