Sekonic – makers of some of the best light meters on the planet gave away 2!

We had more entries than any other giveaway we've done on planet5D!

  • Type: Product: Photo/Video accessory maker
  • Hosting Site:
  • Leads: 10,126+
  • Conversion: 38%
  • Social media shares: 7002

“Working with planet5D on giveaways is a great experience. Other organizations I’ve worked with do not put any thought into testing or monitoring. Once the contest is live, they completely forget about them. What you get is what you get. I really appreciate the extra effort Mitch puts in to ensure we get good results from our planet5D giveaways.

Successes and struggles:

This one had crazy participation in the community – sharing was all over the place! I've even had comments weeks later about how people in the community were seeing posts all over social media (and were getting tired of seeing them – but from our perspective, it was a huge success!).