Rocket Rooster is a smaller company that sells plugins for filmmakers for improving the look of the finished video.

Being small, they didn't have a large budget and they were one of our first non-planet5D clients.

We agreed on a good target of 500 leads and we were able to exceed that by 20% while working within their budget.

  • Type: Small Customer
  • Hosting Site:
  • Leads: 590+
  • Conversion: 38%
  • Social media shares: 470+

“I think you do a fantastic job, well worth the investment in my opinion… I can see you charging 3 times as much without it feeling overpriced”

Successes and struggles:

We exceeded the goal we set of 500 leads, but the social sharing and participation by entrants was lower than we'd like. Not sure whether the graphic gave enough indication of what the prize/benefit was to the viewer.