Enter to Win A Stella 1000 LED Light Action Kit!

The Light & Motion Stella 1000 is meant to be anywhere you want it to be. Whether it’s 100 meters underwater or 1000 meters above ground, our 1000 lumen light delivers 90 minutes of flicker-free, cinematic lighting on a full charge and is the perfect companion for HDSLRs, high-end cinema, or broadcast cameras.

Weighing in at just about .5 lb, the Stella 1000 sets a new standard for power and portability and is truly a game changer for content creators everywhere.

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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/stellaprolights/

  • Type: planet5D sponsor – Stella Pro Lights – a division of the MacGroup
  • Hosting Site: planet5D
  • Leads: 2700+
  • Conversion: 32%
  • Social media shares: 3000+
Success Story:

“Working with Planet5D on giveaways is a great experience. Other organizations I’ve worked with do not put any thought into testing or monitoring. Once the contest is live, they completely forget about them. What you get is what you get. I really appreciate the extra effort Mitch puts in to ensure we get good results from our giveaways. Thanks Mitch!”

Successes and struggles:

We tried doing a 3 week giveaway and frankly, I don't think it added that many extra leads. The middle week was tough to get people to the giveaway.

One lesson was that the lead page that included a timer converted much better than one that didn’t.

We also started with a double opt-in and discovered about 1/2 way thru that there were about 500 people who never confirmed and therefore weren't participating in sharing. We won't be using that any more until the tools are improved so they allow us to see who's not confirmed.