Constant Contact is hard

Boy, being consistent is HARD!

I said I was going to start writing daily a couple of weeks ago. 

FAILED at that!

I’ve actually been writing, but I haven’t been publishing.

But I haven’t been writing every day like I planned either.

There’s a big alert that crosses my devices every day at 7am tho! 

“WRITE” it says.

But I've managed to ignore it most days saying to myself… “I'll get to that in a bit” 

And suddenly it is bedtime.


Wow, how does that happen?

Well, I’m starting (again) to track my time daily and what I see is a bunch of “distracted time”

Those damn dopamine hits from notifications are very convincing. Damn it all!

Ok, this is the beginning of the consistency. Starting today, here it comes.

If you’re seeing this in your email inbox and don’t want to know more great stuff every day and don’t want to hear my stories of struggle and success… then please feel free to unsubscribe! It is ok.


You’re going to miss out on some great stuff. I have a LOT to teach you about successfully growing your business and who doesn’t freaking want income????


It is ok if you unsubscribe, unfollow, etc.… really. If you do, you probably don’t have the drive to succeed anyway (isn’t that a cocky threat? LOL!)… but really. 

I’m not a millionaire yet (tho I have earned many millions of dollars in my 60+ years)… I just don’t have the cash in the bank yet. 

And that’s not the real goal… the goal is to help people and to see you succeed (yes, I’m talking to you!)… it isn’t about the money, but I do want to be able to not worry about paying bills. We all want that right?

Anyway, if you’re still watching/reading, then thank you!

I am committing to you. 

Tomorrow, there’ll be more… and then the next and then the next…

AND, if you have ever thought about running a contest to grow your bottom line… we’ve got a group starting on March 15th. You don’t want to miss this!

Shoot for the stars!