Viral Email List Building
for your small to large business

Reach thousands of new customers by rewarding them for socially sharing your products or services.

We work with you to create viral giveaways that:
your readers will love,
and will increase your email list
no matter your current list size or what industry you’re in.

We love to exceed our customer’s expectations!

Run Great Giveaways

Promote your products and gain valuable leads and social presence

What we do:

What makes us stand out?

  • Connector.


    Most giveaway tools just have a signup form/widget and nothing else.

    We email our lists and if you're working with a site, they email their lists (usually multiple times).

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    Viral social media

    The main feature of the giveaway! Entrants are encouraged to share via their social media gaining you additional exposure.

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    Entrants are emailed encouraging re-posting

    Setting us apart from other giveaways, our entrants are sent encouraging emails asking them to share again to gain additional entries. This has been very successful at gaining 'viralocity'

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    Network of additional promotional sites

    We're also setting up a network of participating sites that we may be able to have share your giveaway - greatly expanding the reach and exploding the results. We're just beginning this network so we can't promise it to every vendor because we're not in every field... yet.


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Leads From Recent Product Promotional Giveaways

5800+ Leads
6200+ Leads
7700+ Leads

Conversion Rates of recent giveaways
Note typical marketing conversion rates are between 1% and 10%


Our recent success:

Frequently Asked Questions
for Product or Service Giveaways

  1. New Targeted Leads for your email list
  2. Viral Social Sharing to vast new markets
  3. Product/Service Exposure
No and maybe… We’re working with websites that have no visitors all the way up to sites that have millions.

If you already have an email list, we plan to add to it!

We’re customizing our products to help even the smallest of companies. So if you need to start with even just adding 100 people to your email list, we’ve got a plan (and experience) for you!


We do establish pricing based on several factors including your goals for leads and your budget and the audience we expect to reach for you.

For small sites and promotions we can start for as little as $250… and prices grow from there.

But note, we can also provide pricing in tiers with performance goals to protect your investment. Ask me about that!

Let’s jump on the phone and discuss your questions and needs!

The proverbial ‘good question!’

We consistently outperform customer expectations. And sure, we’ve learned things along the way so we can help set good goals for your needs with pricing to match.

Unfortunately we don’t have any guarantees… but we do offer tiered pricing such that if we don’t meet certain goals, we will offer a reduced price.

Y’all with products and services NEED to get the word out right? That’s how you grow after all.

Giveaways shared have ‘personal recommendation’ value. People are basically telling their friends they value your products/services enough to share.

You already have a variety of ways to market – but almost all of them net no guarantee of direct contact with your potential market.

You probably already know deep down that giveaways are an awesome way to gain targeted leads – people who are interested in your products!

So let’s get started!

Before the sweepstakes, we’ll work together to create the look and feel as well as the text and graphics for the giveaway lead pages and social media.

During the giveaway, while we do much of the work, there are still some things you’ll need to do and we’ll guide you thru the process.

We’ll also encourage you to email your current list and post to your social media. Our tools will encourage those who sign up (even if they’re already on your list) to share socially – which is like them saying “Hey, I like this product and you will too!”

We’ve run well plenty of small and large successful giveaways (and yes, we’ve had a couple that didn’t work as well as we’d have liked, but we learned a lot to help you!) and we’ve gained tools and knowledge that would take you years to master on your own.

It makes more sense to work with an experienced partner and sit back and earn additional income.

Just have a look at some of our testimonials and case studies!

I’m sold! What’s the process?

1 You contact us and we'll send you additional information and have a conversation about your needs and goals.

2 We'll set up the schedule and you'll work with us on text and graphics. Don't worry, we have samples and scripts!

3 You sit back and watch the leads roll in. At the end of the giveaway, you deliver the prizes and we deliver the leads.

Who we are.

giveawayRocket started with planetMitch at We're now representing other sites and bloggers to extend our expertise as well as to give you different markets to explore.

Our single minded goal is to help you gain targeted qualified leads who are interested in your products.