Gain Unlimited Entries to Stuff the Box!

You can earn unlimited entries to the campaign simply by referring via social media and directly with your friends and your network.

Here are some ways you can gain entries from referrals:

  • Post on Facebook (your timeline) or in appropriate groups
  • Share on Instagram by putting your unique link in your profile
  • Have an email list? Send them your unique link
  • Make sure to use these buttons to share 1:1 or 1:small groups
    • Messenger
    • Whatsapp
    • Email

“But… I don’t like to spam my friends”

referrals are not spam; flip the thought in your head and consider this a great way to HELP your friends by sharing something they very well could be interested in and will thank you for showing them. Be their hero!

  • Share to change the world, and when you do, you’ll get a chance to grin from ear to ear!

How to return to the campaign you came from to earn more entries:

This page opened in a new window, so the campaign you came from is still open in another window.

CLOSE THIS WINDOW and you’ll likely just be where you were before.

Note: some apps like Facebook on a smartphone may have taken you outside the app and opened this window in chrome or safari (both are ‘browser’ apps)… if so, close this and go back to Facebook to earn your points.