Hacking Direct Traffic and Conversions inside upViral!

I've always wanted the ability to track individual sources of my own posting of a new upViral campaign. I want to be able to track the source and the traffic coming from that source and the number of conversions as well. And I didn't want to use that “other” tool – google analytics because I just didn't want to learn how (ok, I know ‘how' but I still would love to have the ability inside upViral instead).

And now I've figured out a ‘hack' to make that happen inside of upViral.

I've recorded a new ‘fleeq' (new product I bought a lifetime license for on appsumo that lets you record something like this quick demo and then be able to change it later – which is pretty cool).

In order to ‘track source conversions' you need to have access to either a wildcard domain email address (something that accepts anything you send at it — like [email protected]) or something like gmail where you can do [email protected] — anything like that will work.