How to add your affiliate link for upViral to your campaign

In Newsby planetmitch


Go to



Either Register or Login

This is a click on the LOGIN since I already have an account

If you don't have an account, this is the registration screen

Enter your data and Click on “Create my account” button



pick upViral products

NOTE: This may be very different — I didn't record the steps to register for the upViral bits months ago when I registered

this is just what it looks like now for me

grab your user ID

The letters in front of the –emarky.thrivecart are your userID or affiliate ID

should be the username when you registered on thriveCart


in my case it is ‘planetMitch'

Go to upViral

click ADVANCED SETTINGS for your camaign

click the checkbox SHOW POWERED BY


insert your affiliate ID from thriveCart


Click on “Save” button



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