Let’s WIN Together

Friday, I’m launching a program I’m calling WIN Together and you must be in this.

Bold statement… “must” 

But I’m serious. The more I learn about how contests/giveaways help grow businesses, the more I have to share the story and to teach people how to do it.

I believe it was Frank Kern who said something like “if you have something that changes lives, then it is your obligation to spread that to as many people as possible.”

And I’m taking that to heart. I’m obligated to teach you how contests can change your business.

So, what is WIN Together?

I plan to start on March 15th as I mentioned with a live planning session – which will be recorded. 

We’ll work together between the 15th and April 1st to get your first campaign ready. We’ll be using upViral (which has a fee).

We’ll review everyone’s progress together along the way and we’ll be seeing what everyone else is doing and brainstorming along the way.

I’ll post all the campaigns on a common page that everyone can promote to their lists/social media/etc AND/OR promoting other people’s individual campaigns that might fit your audience.

The goal is to get you moving, to get your first campaign going and get your business growing. We’re working together to help and promote each other so we’re exposing businesses to more people. 


✅ 1 hour with planetMitch ($200/hr regular rate), 
✅ group calls (recorded if you can't make it), 
✅ co-promotion by others in the program. 
✅ 1 year membership in the giveawayRocket motherShip ($500/year normal cost). The motherShip is our membership site which contains more training, more tutorials, and other valuable resources.

WIN Together is an insane bargain because this is the first time I’m doing it. It will never be this cheap again. I was going to start at $497 but I want this to be a roaring success! It will be at least that much next time and probably won’t have all the bonuses above.

There’s an application process as not everyone might be a good fit… but you can apply here: http://giveawayRocket.com/WinTogetherApplication

Shoot for the moon