It is so great to have you — i’m excited to surround myself with “movers”

So where do we start?

Welcome call:

If you’d love to sit down (virtually) with me, jump over to the parish of st. alfonzo (a frank zappa reference), also known as my calendar, and grab a 30 minute slot and we’ll meet on Zoom and discover more about each other.

The gospel calendar:

Next, let’s talk about the calendar… I would love for you to subscribe to this calendar so you know when our events will be hosted.


Our group calls will be on zoom – the links will be in the calendar. Times may change tho we’ll strive to keep them regular. That’s why subscribing to the calendar will keep you up to date.

Conversation – 2 choices:

Then we’ve got two places for conversation and questions: the open chat room (hosted on Discord), and the Facebook group. I’ll be living in both (tho personally i’m getting very tired of FB) so maybe you want to try them both and see which fits.

Everything else:

Well this is awkward… how could there possibly be anything else?

Oh, wait, there are bonuses and things 🙂