My Notes from Wilco de Kreij’s Video: Tips for getting more traffic/leads/sales

These are the notes I made from Wilco de Kreij‘s video on 2016-12-22 –

In watching, I realized there were a lot of great tips on growing traffic, especially when adding in the ‘upViral loop’ technique. AND, since one of the tips is about creating and sharing free content, I knew it would be helpful to others if I shared my notes – so please feel free to share these as well (but please don’t copy/paste the content but do share the URL).

plug: I am using upViral and my 2017 plan is to grow my business ( by using these ideas to gain more customers and partners.

Technical note… I was creating these notes in Evernote with the intention of sharing the link to that (which is why the numbering is all weird below (and I was too lazy to try to fix it) – the combination of Evernote numbering and WordPress numbering) – but then it dawned on me that I should do a little self promotion while I was at it – and then it dawned on me to learn from what Wilco just taught and to create free content on my site and share that – getting people to my site and who knows, maybe a new partner or client! HA! Thanks Wilco!

And before I get into those notes, let me also suggest you watch this podcast Creating an 8 Figure Business at 24 Years old at with Nathan Latka with Jamie Masters who runs the EventualMillionaire. In it, he shares his “reading strategy” which I find absolutely brilliant (tho I confess I don’t do it as regularly as I would like)… but if you take 5 minutes and read these notes (after watching the video at least once of course) every morning for a week, you’ll be more likely to retain the knowledge.

Ok, here are the items wilco talked about (note, he kind of reiterated the items towards the end so I went back and added some content that you won’t hear at the beginning – so watch the whole thing and it will make sense).

Major areas to increase traffic and leads

  1. Affiliate marketing – give other people a commission to promote products. (planetMitch note: if you’re not creating products yet, you can partner with other sites to grow your network in a similar manner and to grow your authority in your niche. For example, since I don’t have a product specifically to sell (i do services), I’m working with partners to find new clients and when they have clients that could use a giveaway, we partners split the commission. But the goal as always is to grow my email list!)
    1. provide extra incentives to affiliates like a leader board and prizes for top sales etc. to encourage them to share more.
    2. check for Wilco’s podcast where he talks about affiliates – (see links below)
    3. sometimes like Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula – sending out 3 value add videos before running a product launch
      1. Using upViral (everyone who signs up gets their own unique link) – extra special video or download if they get 3 friends to subscribe as well
      2. Affiliates are also driving traffic thru the upViral loop
    4. During launch, retarget on FB for only people who signed up and spent at least xx time on the site (using ConnectIO – another Wilco tool)
  2. Content Marketing – good content builds trust and authority! They’re producing content (on and to help people grow their businesses – Multiple strategies
    1. Free content – easier to get it spread
      1. post on own social media
      2. send to email list
      3. post to communities (inbound or growth hackers) – doesn’t drive a ton of traffic, but we get some
      4. the new podcast is another way to provide free content while getting the word out
      5. reach out to thought leaders and influencers in the industry and ask them to share your content as well
      6. reach out to podcasters to see if you can get on their podcast to reach a new audience
    2. Paid ads to send to content – usually a blog post (they have tested sending paid traffic to blog post and directly to optin page and the blog posts are getting lowest cost per lead)
      1. welcome mat before they read the content to try to grab email address
      2. inside the content provide additional content if they provide email address
      3. have a funnel in place to convert those new emails to paid customers
      4. say only 10% convert, for the other 90% he’s using connectRetarget to put a retargeted ad sending them to a webinar funnel for example.
  3. Paid Ads – connectAudience allows you to target specific people (your current email list)
    1. They also use ‘look alike’ audiences based on the connectAudience list
    2. Going to do youtube ads as well in 2017
    3. Of course, they are also putting people thru the upViral loop so that people help you gain new leads and those people are ‘free’
  4. Viral Hacking – using upViral to get people to sign up – either with contests or giveaways – getting people to share to their friends
    1. they received the most email leads in 2016 via viral hacking!

Wilco posted these links:

Wilco de Kreij · 0:00 Thanks all for watching! Here are all the links I mentioned during the video.

My podcast ->
Blog about list building->
Blog about Facebook Ads ->

Products I mentioned:

UpViral -> (note this is planetMitch’s affiliate link if you click it)
ConnectAudience -> (note this is planetMitch’s affiliate link if you click it)
ConnectRetarget -> (note this is planetMitch’s affiliate link if you click it)