New WIN Planning training – It is all about the offer!


The #1 struggle every business says they have is getting 🎯 targeted leads.
Contest Marketing is as old as time, but often maligned – mainly because people don’t know how to do it right!

How many times have you heard “Contest leads don't buy”?

It is a MYTH and false!

(In one of my recent FB lives, a consistent contest winner and friend said: “Yup if I like the prize I will buy it lol”)

I know how to make contests go ‘viral’ and have over 6 years running campaigns for clients like FUJIFILM and RØDE as well as teaching hundreds of entrepreneurs how to do it on their own.

My new training “WIN Planning” will take your marketing to a new level along with your leads. 💰💵

It is available now for $97 — and let me tell you, that's dang cheap considering if you just add 500 leads to your 📬 list with a contest, that could equate to $6,000 additional revenue in the next 12 months!
Grab it before I realize how cheap it is and raise the price…

BONUS Just released! A PRIVATE Search Engine is added – can't remember what I said about a specific topic? Enter the search engine and jump to the exact spot in the video where the topic is discussed!


Note, I've also titled this “Skyrocket Your Business with Viral Contest Marketing” – they are the same courseware.