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Run Great Giveaways

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What we do!


“Wow that’s amazing! Really happy with this one, numbers don’t lie!
Regarding future competitions we’re definitely keen to be involved, When do you have space available?
We’ll be keen to lock in 3-4 spots for the year if you have the space.”Ben from Syrp
“I'm so glad that the final stats look so good – Thank you very much!” Anna from Cineo
“I think you do a fantastic job, well worth the investment in my opinion… I can see you charging 3 times as much without it feeling overpriced.”Kevin from Rocket Rooster
“I truly appreciate your personal approach to your entrants participating in your sweeps and giveaways. It’s nice to see someone so interested and who cares about people that he’s never met, but is affecting their lives with this giveaway sweepstakes, if only in some small way. “James from Alaska
[x_text]Leads from 3 Recent Product Promotional Giveaways[/x_text]
5800+ Leads
6200+ Leads
7700+ Leads
[x_text]Conversion Rates of 3 recent giveaways
Note typical marketing conversion rates are between 1% and 10%

How we work.

[dropcap]1[/dropcap] You contact us and we'll send you additional information and have a conversation about your needs and goals.

[dropcap]2[/dropcap] Once we agree to move forward, we'll set up the schedule and giveaway and you'll work with us on text and graphics. Don't worry, we have the process down and will walk you thru every step and show you examples

[dropcap]3[/dropcap] You sit back and watch the leads roll in. At the end of the giveaway, you deliver the prizes and we deliver the results and the leads.

What we do for every giveaway

  • 3 emails to blogger's list

    Every giveaway will get at least 3 emails to the site's list. At the beginning, middle, and end of each giveaway.

  • Viral social media

    The main feature of the giveaway! Entrants are encouraged to share via their social media gaining you additional exposure.

  • Entrants are emailed encouraging re-posting

    Setting us apart from other giveaways, our entrants are sent encouraging emails asking them to share again to gain additional entries. This has been very successful at gaining 'viralocity'

  • Network of additional promotional sites

    We're also setting up a network of participating sites that we may be able to have share your giveaway - greatly expanding the reach and exploding the results. We're just beginning this network so we can't promise it to every vendor because we're not in every field... yet.

Product Promoters' Frequently Asked Questions

Who we are.

giveawayRocket started with planetMitch at We're now representing other sites and bloggers to extend our expertise as well as to give you different markets to explore.

Our single minded goal is to help you gain targeted qualified leads who are interested in your products.