The Outback Contest – can you require a purchase?

One of the common questions in contests and sweepstakes is kind of can I require somebody to do some work in order to be eligible for a higher level prize?

I found a contest that was for a Tesla that you had to get 50 people basically to join the campaign before you’re eligible to win. The Tesla and one of our friends on the upViral group pointed to this Outback steakhouse campaign. And so because this is, ah, highly reputable company, At least most people would probably say so it is in the U.S.

And in this particular campaign, they have outlined ways that you could be eligible to win a trip to the outback bowl. Unfortunately, this already happened, but I wanted to capture it before it went away. Because apparently and I would suspect that they had lawyers set this up and therefore theoretically, it applies to all USA rules, and I’m gonna detail that also below below. But, um, so So how are they getting around its first? Let’s look at the campaign.

You could win a trip to the Outback Bowl, dine rewards members can enter to win trips to the Outback Bowl and other stuff.

So first of all, it’s obvious you have to be a dining reward member, right? How to score points touch down six points.

Earn a dining rewards. Qualified visit blah blah. So you get down to, the one we really want to talk about scoring entry.

There are three ways to score a full 25 points. Means means, which means an automatic sweepstakes entry.

So you’re not entered in the sweepstakes until I guess you get 25 points. Purchase. 50 dollars in Outback gift cards.

But most people would say you can’t require a purchase to be entered in a contest. Allow, obviously,

if this is true and I am not a lawyer Oh, let me qualify that again. I am not a lawyer,

and I have not reviewed this with a legal team, but I bet they have dying in in order to go with $100 or more.

Check total blood alone. They purchase form or entrees right till. Let’s let’s keep going. I’ve highlighted this.

No purchase necessary. Open the all legal residents of the United States with restrictions 21 years or older. Sweepstakes ends non Florida residents.

Click here for rules free entry method of I’m sorry. Free method of entry. Prizes and complete details,

and then there’s a separate one for Florida. Now I suspect that anybody that has looked at in any details about us a law realizes that Florida has some different rules.

So my suspicion is they have definitely reviewed the laws because they have a separate set of law rules for Florida residents.

Residents click here for rules free method of entry prizes and complete details. No, I have already done that.

Note that here’s the section on how to enter their two methods to enter the promotion. One. During the promotional period,

blah blah fill out… must sign up for the dine rewards if not already member, and present their dine rewards account number at any Outback steakhouse, then receive points for specific purchases while using their dining rewards account as detailed So you can read all that

notice down here in the Blue Highlight,

and this is a PdF, which is why it highlights weirdly like this, but the second method of entry,

then trip may mail in a three by five inch card hand printed with the entrance name, home mailing address,

daytime phone number and email address in a sealed envelope to this address must be postmarked by midnight Eastern time.

On these dates, each entry must be hand printed and mailed in a separate outer postmarked envelope. Envelopes that contain multiple entry cards will be disqualified from the promotion.

You can enter three times a day. So, of course you would have a lawyer review your rules,

right? What’s always putting that disclaimer? But it appears that legally in the United States you can have a requirement that people purchase something as long as you have an alternative free means of entry.

And in this case, mailing in a three by five inch card hand printed lovable under these rules qualifies.

Now, I might contend that that, technically, is requires some effort. It requires you to mail something which is a cost right.

It costs money to mail things in any country, I believe, but there is postage required, and therefore you are still paying to enter the campaign.

Uh, also, I guess one could argue that making time to enter a campaign where you put in your email address in your mateyour your name is consideration because you’re required to fill it the form.

But all of those things are quite common. And therefore you have to have some way of being registered for the campaign.

Right? Right. So there is some time element, but anyway, this one requires an actual mailing of guard.

And if you wanted to submit multiple, you have to use multiple stamps to make that happen. Right?

Right. So, um, that’s pretty interesting. And this currently is a live example of something that requires a purchase to be eligible to win the big prize.

And I haven’t read all these other ones, and I don’t care about what they actually said.

Well, but this one is the key, right? You have to purchase something in order to be eligible for the prize.

And my suspicion, as I said, is that they reviewed these rules and apparently they’re valid in the United States.

Thanks for tuning in. I’m, planetMitch from Obviously I’m not a lawyer.

Obviously, I don’t know all the rules of running campaigns in the United States and other countries, but I certainly can advise you on great ways of implementing contest that bring you highly qualified leads.

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