Using upViral to Vote on Multiple Contestants

Rolf Neijman has crafted a fascinating upViral campaign where there are teams, as well as individuals, competing to win a big prize!

He's chosen to use multiple upViral campaigns to make this all work together so that each competitor's votes all are collected and counted for each individual.

One great thing about a competition is you get more traffic when people/teams are competing to get votes as they share the campaign for you!

Quick overview video:


Greetings earthlings planetMitch here. giveawayRocket, it's an interesting campaign that was shared today in the UpViral group. By Rolf Neijman, you can see that he's gotten 2,700 leads and 1,182 referred leads. And he talks a little bit about the campaign, but I'm going to go through the campaign kind of before we go into what he's doing in upViral that is.

So landing page, and it is translated from German. So there are some different words. We all know how Google translate may or may not provide the best words. So what they're doing, if you scroll down and if you watch the video, it's in German. So I didn't get much from the video, but here's how it works.

So you're gonna basically, there's a bunch of, there's two teams with chefs working on each team and there's teammate and team B. And if you click here, then it only shows the teammate, et cetera.

The cool thing is that you can go in and vote for each one of these people.

So for example, if you go in and select, I don't know, doc, then you get to a separate page for doc and you can vote. Now. It's kind of fascinating because there's something here. It says 63 votes.

We're going to talk about that in just a minute.

And each one of the pages describes what their favorite food is, I guess, or whatever they're doing in the barbecue community. Each one of them highlighting their brand on a cooking.

Uh, my brain isn't working this morning. Um, do you call it cutting board? Thank you. Good, good brain, good brain.

And so you decide to vote on a particular person by registering in this way. So notice there's this box and this is a button you can actually click on the button, not going to do that, but if you click on the box, it brings up a bigger box, which is kind of cool. This is not translated, but basically it's giving you a permission to enter, et cetera.

I'm going to go ahead and do that cause I've not done that. And I'm going to put in my giveawayRocket email address, I don't know that this wasn't translated. So I'm just going to click them all.

I'm assuming I'm getting some emails and I'm going to vote for doc. Hopefully doc appreciates my vote.

I don't know why Google translate is not picking up this, but basically asking you to do social sharing. I'm sure the video suggests that you do that and then you share it on Facebook. And what I'm going to do is I'm going to turn mine to only me.

And I'm going to go ahead and share it because I want to see how it looks on the other side. But basically it's going to look like this, your chance for an exclusive package food, right? Have good taste. Notice this is in English. Cause it was translated. And I'm going to, I don't know if I can.

I'm going to, for some reason, this is getting covered up. Um, well anyway, so now I've registered in, shared on Facebook. I'm sure I'm going to get some emails, which is cool. Now there are prizes interesting choice because what they're doing is offering a two, a 2000 pound prize for the team or for this particular guy. I haven't paid that much attention cause I'm more interested in how it's working on that upViral side.

Now notice again, there is there's votes. And if you go to the image that was shared, because I don't have access to the backside from Rolf's campaign, but notice each one of these people and I don't see doc, so I didn't vote in the right one that you could see, but this is an image grabbed from some time ago, hour ago that each person has their own campaign.

So instead of tracking people inside of upViral in one campaign, there are 24. I'm assuming that's for each one of the people that are in the competition.

Interesting way to go about it.

But you see that there are a number of leads and these leads, I looked at Dirks, for example, uh, if I can go back to the front page, Oh, pardon me? Go back to the front page. And I find Dirk. I don't remember what own Dirk was down here. Where's Dirk. I past dark there's doc dirt, go, sorry. Dark, dark, dark, come back. Dirk. Mike Thor. There's dark. Sorry. So it says 330 votes. And on the image it's got 330.

Now. I don't know how they're doing that particular thing where they're scraping this somehow, um, or manually updating the votes. I found that very interesting.

That's a quick look at a very, very different way of running a campaign for voting challenges and collecting votes and being able to identify whom the votes are for. Hope that serves you.

I'm planetMitch from