Validating an email address BEFORE they get into your marketing campaign

Getting a valid email address for a lead is sometimes a challenge.

And it is crazy, but sometimes people will give an invalid email address to enter a contest. It doesn't make sense really, they'll never win that way, but they do it.

And they often do it for getting bonus points for referring someone. Let's look at one way to cut down on those bogus entries from garbage email addresses.

This is also an option if you don't want to turn on Double Opt-in (which many people hate because nobody ever goes to find the confirmation email).

upViral + debounce – validating emails BEFORE they get to your autoresponder

In front of you, you see a challenge, which is an UpViral campaign, which I'm going to be showing too many people coming in the near future.

One of the things, however, that many people who run upViral campaigns are frustrated (easy for me to say) frustrated by often is the inability to verify somebody's email address.

We all have trouble sometimes with people wanting to put in spam, maybe on your lead magnet to get a free thing when they don't want to just give up their own real email address.

One of the things that a couple of my friends Chamal from the upViral group and Mike, who is in my mover's mastermind, have wanted to do is this kind of thing.

Chamal is the one that actually led me to this particular software. And I want to show you how you can implement that, but first, let me just give you a demonstration.

So if you imagine I'm going to type in this email address and I will put in my giveawayRocket one or my Gmail, let's go with the Gmail one.

And I hit the tab to get out of that. Or the user clicks down here.

You see what happens is that it verifies the email address. And as you roll over it, it says it's verified.

And that user can go on.

Now that came up from a tool called Debounce. I'm going to go backwards through these tabs a little bit, but Debounce is not very expensive. You can get 5,000 verifications for $10.

And when you initially sign up, you get a hundred free credits. Uh, obviously I have an affiliate link. If you go to, then I will get an affiliate commission. If you purchase the verifications, certainly would help. My feed might feed my family. If you wouldn't mind doing it, and it doesn't cost you anything extra to do that.

So it would be greatly appreciated. That's

I've Gone and purchased a $10 one earlier this morning, and I want you to know that they do take up to a day to verify your email and stuff. And I don't think I have credits for those yet, but let me go into this and I'm going to refresh, cause it's been awhile since I brought this up just in case I happen to get logged out.

Um, and I still haven't figured out how to put my, uh, image here as the owner. I don't know how do you do that? But you have multiple ways of doing the validation you can do bulk. So if you had an email list that wanted to check all of the email addresses, you can update all of those upload, all of those,

maybe a single validation. You could just click for example and put in one email address to see whether or not that works. And we may test that in a minute.

The thing key thing that we're after here is this real time widget. We want to implement that on the page. Like you saw me here in the challenge, I have implemented that with UpViral it's really easy to do.

And what I'm going to do is I'm going to show you how to accomplish that in just a second. I did want to grab an email address that came up as invalid in one spot. So I wanted to show you how that works. Um, this was something that somebody asked me about earlier in it says it's invalid. Uh, and so you did get an error on,

I'm gonna just show you over here. Uh, and what I'm going to do is I'm going to refresh because if you don't refresh, it will tell you that another email is valid. So I'm going to paste that in here, hit tab to get out. And it should tell me that it's invalid. That email address is not valid. So it does work.

It's really cool.

Implementing in upViral

So how do you go about implementing this? Now? The first thing you have to do is when you need to get this real time widget, and in order to get the widget, you have to have an API key. And in order to go do that, what you have to do is create an API and I'll show you how to do that.

You just simply do create an API key and you give it a title. So we're gonna call this, um, demo and I'm gonna hit submit. Now, what it's gonna do is it's gonna give you a public key. It's going to give you two keys. It's going to give you this one and you need to copy that while you're here.

Then you also have to set these cors domains. And I don't know what this cors stands for, but in order for this to work, you have to implement it on your website. Uh, you have to tell it which websites you're gonna implement it on. And you can't do this. If you say, for example, a wild card to point to sub.

So I am going to put this on my giveawayRocket and I'm going to use giveawayRocket sub domains to point to a couple of contests.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to put in the percent sign, got they give it up and I'm going to do set domain. So you're going to put your domain in there.

Now, if you're not doing sub domains, what we found is that you don't want to do this. If you're just going to put it on your main domain, don't put percent dot just, you're not covering your fanny at all.

By doing that, I happen to be going that direction in order to do my domain, my challenge, for example, uh, but if you're going to use sub domains, it's easy to do that, but if you're not get rid of the percent dot, so hopefully that makes sense.

So now those are attached to this API and I'm going to go over to the widget section and I'm going to select that the demo one, and it does list the approval domains and I'm going to do create widget code, and it's going to give me the code to make that happen.

So what you're going to do is you're going to copy that and that's all you have to do over in Debounce for now.

What you're going to do is take that code over your UpViral campaign. Now this, I haven't figured out quite yet, but, and I haven't gone back to talk to Chamal about it, cause I know he's tested this, but I had to actually add it.

So this is that, that campaign you were looking at a few minutes ago, I actually had to add it in both the, uh, header section of the lead capture page and the footer. I just kind of stumbled into it. It's in both spots and that's when it worked. So for now. And maybe until I tell you otherwise, that's the way to make that happen.

But that's, I know I don't quite understand because in here, by the way, in Debounce, they tell you to put it before the slash body tag. Now, I thought it would do that if I just put it up here, but if I put it only here in the footer codes,

it didn't work. If I put it here only in the header codes, it didn't work, but I, if I am in an accident, I have it in both. Then suddenly it worked. So for now, just go ahead and put it in both spots. We don't need it on the share page because we're not using the share page to validate an email address, right?

And when you do that, then it will, um, plug into your UpViral and it will start validating emails.

So I cannot click, even if I do this and click the pay, I am not able to validate that and go any farther until I put in a valid email address that deep bounce, uh, will let me get away with.

Um, so that's, that's how that's working. It's pretty easy. It's not too hard.

I mentioned the mover's mastermind earlier. If you are interested in growing your business by exploding your email list, join us over on the movers mastermind. The price may be different when you get here, because it's going up as I add new people.

But if you want to grow your business, come on over. That's where I'm sharing gems like Debounce is in the mastermind. So come on over. Let me, let me know if you have any questions, happy to answer questions. And again, I'm planetMitch from Thanks.