What is your biggest struggle?

Yesterday I started with a goal… to start writing more and sharing with you what I'm doing and learning.

But like everyone, because we're human after all, I'm struggling.

Not so much with the writing aspect of things… but with focus and clarity on how to educate people about giveaways. More on that in a minute.

I seem to get distracted so freaking easily!

Especially when it comes to things like goal setting and consistency (even tho that's the #1 thing that I preach about sometimes (and I recognize that ‘sometimes' doesn't even fit in with consistency LOL)).

My good friend Laura Posey has been helping me learn how to plan.

But I still struggle.

The biggest reason I think is I have too many things on my plate.

And they all seem to be important.

Most of them can generate revenue as well… but most of them aren't… but they could be!

So I have to focus and streamline.

Which is good of course but getting there is difficult.

Here's a specific thing for example that has me thinking a lot and struggling to find the right answers (and I realize too that it will evolve over time).

People do not realize how awesome giveaways are!

There are a lot of pre-conceived notions out there.

I was speaking with someone who owns a giveaway software tool but hasn't used it…

When I started telling him how great giveaways are for lead generation, he spat this at me…

I'm concerned that contests can attract very unfocused lists … there's no focus on a particular area of interest in those lists unless you run the contest correctly …

And I said “Yes, they have to be run CORRECTLY

And thus begins the education I'm struggling to figure out how to best educate people on how amazing giveaways are for list building… when done right!

Sometimes I start feeling that maybe I'm a salmon fighting to go upstream against this current of negativity and pre-conceived notions.

But then I tell myself that if the freaking salmon can make it up that river and successfully mate and continue the species, then I can too!

And no, I'm not making the salmon my new mascot… hmmm… maybe I should LOL! I was just talking with Jena Apgar about that — she does it as a fun service for her clients.


Do you have any ideas about how I could show contests as being a great list building tool?

Reply and let me know 🙂

I promise to write back.

I'm eager to see what you think.

I'll talk to you tomorrow.

Shoot for the stars