What’s Your Dream?

CanonRumors has been reporting that there’s a bunch of new stuff coming from Canon tomorrow on valentine’s day – and that’s good news!

It has been quiet in the camera world for a while hasn’t it? Ok, maybe not that long, but with the holidays, it feels like it has been a while.

Or is that my impression only because I seem to be a one brand guy?

Or is that your impression? 🙂

Did you know planet5D is 10 years old?

It has been quite the ride actually. And hard to believe how things have changed and how time flies!

I remember distinctly the day I read the article by Arnold Kim about how he sold his entire physician private practice because he was making more money running MacRumors than he was as a physician!

Working for Boeing at the time as a software developer, I could only think at the time that writing a blog about software development wouldn’t be very exciting (I’d been doing software development for almost 30 years at that point) and I was frankly pretty bored with the whole topic.

So while the idea of starting a very popular website was cool, it didn’t seem very practical for me.

Then Canon announced the Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Vincent Laforet released “Reverie” and the world changed significantly.

What ever happened to Vincent Laforet anyway? I haven’t heard much from him lately. Anyway…

I took that opportunity to launch planet5D (I almost called it planet5DII believe it or not — thank goodness I didn’t go that deep!).

But at the same time, that branding choice ended up hurting me in many ways.

It was good brand connection, it was great at the beginning, but then when I was expanding and covering other cameras, people still only thought of planet5D as CANON centric.

And even the folks at Nikon decided not to sponsor me or send me gear because planet5D was “only about Canon.”

Don’t even ask about the other site – cinema5D LOL – people still to this day think we’re the same brand.

My choice of branding early on clearly impacted me in good and eventually bad ways.

That lesson has certainly led me down a path of choosing to be as much brand agnostic as possible with giveawayRocket.

But you also can’t be a fortune teller and predict the future either.

So, you do the best with what you have, make decisions that you think are right, and go with it.

My success with planet5D certainly taught me that taking action and moving forward was so much better than waiting for the perfect moment!

So tell me, what’s your ‘dream action?’

And what’s holding you up from taking that dream action?

Shoot for the moon!