Who Wants Bookkeeping?

I do!

I posted on FB the other day… turns out many people hate it too LOL

I hate bookkeeping. I waste so much time on this and hate it… and yet I feel like I can't afford to hire someone to save my life… and yet, I probably waste so much money on things I really don't need that don't save my life.

Balance mitch, balance.


Seems to be very common based on the comments on the post.

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But what it comes down to really (and this is another big struggle for me); you should hire someone who's good at the thing you really dislike so you can focus on what you do best.

Problem always seems to be the cost in my mind. I just limit my thinking because I'm afraid (yes I said it) that I won't be able to afford it and will not be able to feed my family.

I recently spoke with a mindset coach… (and it was about 5 minutes in a side conversation at a mentoring session so it wasn't really enough time to really dive in)… and he said he could help me break that scarcity thinking.

I just can't afford him either.

See how that works? HA!

Shoot for the stars