WINnow Bonuses

Thank you so much for attending my WINnow session!

If you felt you gained great perspectives, please send a thank you via this feedback form. I will very much appreciate it!

I didn't mention it on the call, but there's a new DISCORD server (like Slack) I'm calling giveawayGalaxy… it is totally dedicated to conversations about viral contest marketing. Why a different server? Well, have you ever noticed that FB doesn't show you all the posts in a group? (I know you know that). This is managed by ME and much more flexible than Facebook or other social media tools!

JOIN giveawayGalaxy now (note, it is easiest if you go to the link, create a new account, then come back here and click the link again to join the giveawayGalaxy) 

✅  If you need upViral, please click the upViral link so I will get affiliate credit and a little cash to feed the family. Thank you.

✅  The quick start contest checklist is here. Inside the checklist is a link to the samples and the planning section has the ‘avatar' work I promised.

✅ The PDF of my upViral campaign clone hack is here

email scripts for upViral and your autoresponder

✅ a list of free or nearly free traffic sources:

Reddit (r/giveaways and r/sweepstakes)
Social Media of course (facebook/instagram/twitter/pinterest etc.)

REPLAY from 2020-04-06


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