Email is dead

When I started building my list, I thought all I had to do was to put a signup form on my website.

You know, the kind that pops up and tells you what great news you'll get in your inbox.

Back in 2012, that might have worked well.

I didn't start until about 2013.

It didn't go so well.

But then, I saw another blog in my space that was giving away a great ebook for free… they soon had 30k people on their list (they had a counter in the sidebar to tell me that).

But I didn't feel comfortable writing an ebook so I missed out. The other site soon bragged about having over 100k on their email list! 

I was sad. Very sad. 

I didn’t understand the value frankly. I just didn’t.

But now I do!

YOUR email list is the #1 asset that you can take with you anywhere. Nobody can take it away from you.

“The money is in the list” – have you heard that before? It is true.

For years, decades really, people have been saying email is dying.

People still read their emails (and of course waste too much time doing it, but of course that’s another long topic).

Recently I saw a teacher who collected all of the alerts from the kids phones in her class for an hour. 

Email was #3 on the list for alerts.

That’s stunning (and sad, but that’s another topic #2)… what are kids doing getting emails any more? 

It must mean that email is not dead. Granted these kids aren’t getting YOUR email, but that’s ok. They’re learning the right things 😉

What were #1 and #2? Texting and Instagram.

Of course, that was just one sample. Things are different all over the world and there are plenty of distractions to go around.

But you really should be building your list… it should be top on your todo list every day.

AND, of course, contests (#viralWordofMouth) should be on the top of that list as well. They build highly targeted email lists when done right.

Stick with me and I’ll show you how to do them right.

In fact, I have a program going on right now called WIN Together where we’re learning how to build a great contest AND we’re BUILDING THEM! Unlike simple training programs, we’re actually doing the work! We just got started last week so it isn’t too late to get in if you hustle.

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Shoot for the moon!