Viral Email List Building for Local Businesses

We will help you grow your email list (or build one for you if you don’t!)

AND increase your revenue at the same time!

We work with you to build your email presence that your readers will love, and you’ll be thrilled to make extra income no matter your current list size or your industry.

Our only goal is to help you grow your audience!

Build email lists FAST!

Building your list is what we do.

Oh and we offer more if you want it.

So much easier and much more exciting for your customers and potential customers when they want to get something at a discount or FREE!

Giveaways simplified

We have performed over 25 giveaways and have built a library of processes and email scripts to help you in every step of the process - from gaining sponsors to emailing your current list (no matter what size)

We do most of the work

We have the experience and processes nailed down to make it simple on you.

We can manage a new email list or grow your existing list.

Viral Marketing!

VIRAL Giveaways are one of the top ways we've found to grow your list and at the same time grow your brand.

Leverage your customer's social media!

Your readers will jump at the chance to win your FREE STUFF!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. New Leads for your email list
  2. Income you didn’t have before
  3. Energized readers who want more chances to use your service
Yes! A list is imperitive in today’s world… but you don’t have to have one to use our service, we’ll build one for you!

We’re working with websites that have no visitors all the way up to sites that have millions.

We’re customizing our products to help even the smallest of companies. So if you need to start with even just adding 50 people to your email list, we’ve got a plan (and experience) for you!

Yes, there’s a small startup fee once we agree to work together (but no cost for consulting and questions before that!).

The fee depends on what you choose from our list of services, but the base service is only $60 (usually a monthly service as you want us to keep growing your business right?).

We’ve run well over 25 successful giveaways and we’ve gained tools and knowledge that would take you years to master on your own.

It makes more sense to work with an experienced partner and sit back and earn additional income.

Just have a look at some of our testimonials and case studies!

You may think that email isn’t all the rage any more, but frankly, email still is one of the leading ways to stay in front of your customers – especially when they WANT to be on your list!

And, since we’re going to be constantly adding to your list, we can bring additional offers in front of your fans!

Did you know that your facebook posts are seen by LESS THAN 7% of your audience?

Our email open rates vary from 10-50%! We can get in front of your clients more often than your social media.

We’ve found that small businesses NEED to get the word out about their services. You have a variety of ways to market – but almost all of them net them no guarantee of direct contact with their potential market.

And, we’ll bet that most of that marketing does NOT result in you having a customers EMAIL ADDRESS!

Maybe you’ve done a giveaway in your shop, but you only were offering that to EXISTING customers!

Our viral giveaways mean we gather the friends and their friends of your customers. Now THAT is growing virally!

While we do much of the work, there are still some things you’ll need to do.

First, contact us again (or use the contact form) and let’s get started.

After that, depending on the services you select, we’ll work together to get the word out via social media and our viral giveaways.

We’ll be in contact monthly to work with you to decide what offers you want to put out via our messaging but we’ll do most of the work beyond that!

Our recent success:

I’m SOLD! How do I get started?

1If we contacted you, simply connect with us via email or phone. If we didn't contact you, please fill out our contact form and let us know you're eager for more information.

2 We have a meeting or 2 to go over the setup and process. You help us find the right offers for your niche and we start.

3 After we get everything set up and start the giveaways and emails, you sit back and collect new customers and extra income.