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Yes, we do giveaways!

But, we can also add on multiple services to enhance your experience.

PLUS! We have additional ways to market your products and services.

More than just giveaways!

Our other services

We're experts at what we do, but there are also other ways of using our tools that may be of interest to you.



Sure, you can offer discounts to your fans, but what if they have to do something (like sharing socially) to earn them? Again, we're using viralocity to reach leads your fans didn't know they had.


New site launches

If you want to tease the launch of your new site and gain new leads, why not offer incentives for your new fans to share and earn early exclusives by sharing virally?


Facebook super re-targeting

We have the ability to help you set up special facebook retargeting that focusses on aspects of your visitors that no other tools have! What if you can only show ads to people who have visited your site for longer than a minute?

I'm SOLD! How do I get started?

1You fill out our contact form and let us know you're eager for more information.

2 We have a meeting or 2 to go over the setup and process. You help us find the right sponsors and products for your niche and we start.

3 After setting up a little social media and a few emails, you sit back and collect new readers and extra income.