Viral Email List Building
for partners

We have some awesome opportunities to help you grow your audience
AND make money at the same time!

We work with you to create great giveaways that:
your sponsors will beg for,
your readers will love,
and you’ll be thrilled to make extra income
no matter your current list size or what industry you’re in.

Our goal is to help you grow your audience and to make a little spare cash.

Build email lists FAST!

Building your list alongside your sponsor's is what we do.

So much easier and much more exciting for your readers than those 'bait' popups begging for emails.

Giveaways simplified for you

We have performed over 25 giveaways and have built a library of processes and email scripts to help you in every step of the process - from gaining sponsors to emailing your current list (no matter what size).

We do most of the work

We have the experience and processes nailed down to make it simple on you. We can often even provide a sponsor - but if you're working with some already, we can work with them too!


Giveaways are one of the top ways we've found to grow your list and at the same time grow your brand. Your readers will jump at the chance to win great gear!

Partners – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Satisfied sponsors
  2. New Leads for your email list
  3. Income you didn’t have before
  4. Energized readers who want more chances to win
No and maybe… We’re working with websites that have no visitors all the way up to sites that have millions.

We’re customizing our products to help even the smallest of companies/blogs. So if you need to start with even just adding 100 people to your email list, we’ve got a plan (and experience) for you!

Only thing it costs you is a little bit of time to work with giveawayRocket team and possibly coordination with existing vendors. Oh, and you’ll share an email or three plus some social media posts.
Well, that’s simple… we do most of the work and split the commission with you 50/50.


Sound too good to be true? Well, despite what my father taught me, we can help you make money. By working with you, we’re expanding our services to a wider audience and making money as well.

We’ve run well over 20 successful giveaways and we’ve gained tools and knowledge that would take you years to master on your own.

It makes more sense to work with an experienced partner and sit back and earn additional income.

Just have a look at some of our testimonials and case studies!

Yea, it is a bit of a surprise when you find that they’re not only willing to give out prizes but to pay for the privilege – because they get targeted leads which are very valuable to them!

Especially once they see our satisfaction ratings and how many leads we’re able to bring in! They’ll be coming back again.

They already know how awesome giveaways are, they’re already doing them, but they just don’t have access to your audience and our expertise.

We’ve found that product creators NEED to get the word out about their products. They have a variety of ways to market – but almost all of them net them no guarantee of direct contact with their potential market.

Ever been to a conference where vendors are giving away their best products? Of course they know you’ll easily give up your email address to try to win their gear. So, it works the same way on your site. Except there, they get the leads… here, you get them too – plus a bit of cash!

While we do much of the work, there are still some things you’ll need to do. Hopefully you have a few sponsors who know you and are excited to work with you and in return, they gain new leads for their list.

We’ll also ask you to share with your current list and social media as well as any other sites who are willing to help you promote.

The proverbial ‘good question!’

But working as partners helps us gain leads from potentially multiple giveaways on your site… which helps you and your readers!

Our recent success:

I’m SOLD! How do I get started?

1You fill out our contact form and let us know you're eager for more information.

2 We have a meeting or 2 to go over the setup and process. You help us find the right sponsors and products for your niche and we start.

3 After setting up a little social media and a few emails, you sit back and collect new readers and extra income.