What's the whole process?

I know you're curious about the whole process...
and I told you we have it down...
so here's the overview with details.

May I recommend you read thru the page and then watch the video?

The video is pretty through but it helps to have a good idea of the process.

The main steps!

[dropcap]1[/dropcap] Once we've done the general business stuff like agreeing to a proposal, we work together for about a week creating all of the content for the giveaway before it is announced.

[dropcap]2[/dropcap] Once we launch, we still have work to do!
giveawayRocket will work our magic getting the giveaway promoted, but you'll also be working some of your connections.

[dropcap]3[/dropcap] Once the giveaway completes, we'll select the winners and work with you to get announcements out as well as the prizes. We'll deliver the leads and a bunch of reports showing you what happened.

Step 1: Preparing the giveaway

  • Proposal

    Before you commit, we'll send you a bunch of information and a proposal with pricing.
    Once you've reviewed and decide to go forward, it is time to get the calendar out!

  • Calendar

    Once we've decided to work together, we've got to decide WHEN we're going to run the giveaway.
    Typically we do 2 weeks. But we may have the option to be flexible.

  • We build the giveaway together

    Using our experience and guidance, we'll send you some samples for graphics and we'll work together on text and videos for the giveaway.

  • We test!

    We encourage you to test the giveaway by registering.
    This gives you the flavor that the entrants will have - and shows you all aspects of the giveaway directly. You can make suggestions for improvement that way too!

  • We excitedly wait for the launch

    We do a final triple check and eagerly wait for the time of the launch!

Step 2: Launching and running the giveaway

  • Launch!

    Well, time for the rubber to hit the road.
    We'll launch with emails to our lists and our social media.
    Depending on our agreement, we may also provide advertising or blog posts or even facebook retargeting.

  • You launch

    You'll also launch via your preferred media.
    Note: we highly recommend involving your lists and any influencers. The more people who share, the more it will become viral.
    ps. We'll have sample emails you may want to use too.

  • We monitor and modify and promote

    Thru-ought the giveaway, we'll monitor what is going on and make adjustments if needed.
    We'll also update you with progress several times.

  • Entrants are emailed encouraging re-sharing

    Setting us apart from other giveaways, our entrants are sent encouraging emails asking them to share again to gain additional entries. This has been very successful at gaining 'viralocity'

  • Network of additional promotional sites

    We're also setting up a network of participating sites that we may be able to have share your giveaway - greatly expanding the reach and exploding the results. We're just beginning this network so we can't promise it to every vendor because we're not in every field... yet.

Step 3: The cleanup

  • Close down

    On the specified end date and time, we'll shut down the giveaway and start to make things tidy. Note: actually, we usually don't turn it all off until the next morning just to catch any stragglers... shhhh, don't tell anyone!

  • Winners selected!

    We'll select the winners and contact them via email. We do typically send them qualification requirements and get confirmations and other details. For USA winners, we'll also handle notification of the IRS if the prizes are more than $600 at the end of the year. Oh, and we also ask them for a testimonial.

  • We gather statistics and leads

    And we send you a report of your success (or a post-mortem if it doesn't work as well as we hoped).
    Plus, of course, you'll get a .csv file with ALL registrants names and emails!

  • You'll email your new list

    You'll likely want to email everyone who registered and thank them for participating (and maybe offer them a discount or another bonus).

The video you should watch!