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The search below is astounding… it is a tool called Searchie! It takes your video content, transcribes it, indexes it, and makes it searchable… but there’s a major twist!

Imagine having a youtube dedicated for YOUR class/membership/podcast!
If you have video courses 📹 or a podcast 🎙️, I have a solution for a problem you didn’t realize you had… because you (nor anyone else) has ever thought about having a ‘youtube’ dedicated to JUST YOU!
Create your own private search engine 🔍 on steroids for your video/audio content.
This may not initially sink in, but this is an absolute game changer.
🔍 Want to try it out? 🔍
Type ‘penguin’ and hit enter, then CLICK on one of the results and watch what happens.
Then let that sink in… imagine having all of your videos automatically transcribed and put in your own private search engine!
Imagine your members, your fans, your potential customers searching for answers to their problems and you’ve got the answer. 🔍
💰bonus: they’re paying 30% commission so get 3 people and your service is virtually paid for! (and you’re automatically an affiliate – nothing to sign up for!) 💵 💰
When you click the word in the results, searchie will take you to the exact spot in the video where the word (or phrase) was found!

It is astounding… try the word ‘lead page’ or “points” for examples.

This particular search is for my upViral class on how to get your first contest running… you can buy that here.