Where are my clients?

“I wish I knew where to find my ideal clients.” 

That’s probably going thru your head fairly often if you’re like me (and most small business owners (solopreneurs as well)).

Because you’re looking at your business bank account wondering what bill is going to hit you next that might put you under.

You’re wanting to solve your clients problem as well, you’re dying to help because that’s your superpower.

But they’re not just flocking to you and you don’t know why they’re not seeing you waving your arms trying to get their attention.

And you’re spending so much of your time trying to find them instead of relaxing with your family or just taking some time off from worry.

Back in 2015ish (not sure of the exact date but somewhere around then) I started running giveaways for my advertisers on planet5D.

I did it as a “favor” to them for paying for advertising space.

I figured it was good for them (more eyeballs and attention), and it was good for my readers (they got the chance to win something for free and got some enjoyment out of learning about a new tool).

And it was.

But when Jeff (my advertising manager (who wants to learn how to do that? HA – not me! Hire what you don’t want/need to learn to do – that’s lesson #22 LOL)) said that I should be charging extra for that service, I kinda just laughed.

But then I asked one of my advertisers one day… he said “hell ya! Those leads are very valuable to me.”


It happened.

My thinking changed forever.

And yours should too. 

A “lightbulb moment” they call it.

I am right there with you. 

I felt some pain and smacked myself in the head saying “Why didn’t I know that and what am I waiting for with my own list?”

That’s why YOU need to be building your list! 

I mentioned it yesterday… “the money is in the list!” 

So what’s holding you back? 

Why aren’t you nurturing your list to bring you more revenue?

I have a program going on right now called WIN Together where we’re learning how to add highly targeted leads to your list thru viral contests AND we’re BUILDING THEM!

Unlike simple training programs, we’re actually doing the work! I know that word scares most people away… “work” — but you've been dragging your feet forever on building your list so let's get busy the right way!

We just got started last week so it isn’t too late to get in if you hustle.

Apply to get in the program here: http://giveawayRocket.com/WinTogetherApplication

Shoot for the moon!