Your Facebook Profile Should Market You! What Does Your Facebook Profile Popup Say About You?

How to turn your facebook profile from a personal ‘art' project to show what you want people to see about you and market yourself as an entrepreneur.

In a live mastermind, Tom Matzen advised me to “get out of the ‘art' of your facebook profile and think of it as a marketing strategy.”

We had been looking at Facebook for a strategy of growing our reach, and we started looking seriously at what everyone on the call was doing with their Facebook profile (and we all needed some updating!).

It was a bit confusing on how to make some of the changes we discussed so I created this guide to help others that need to update their Facebook profile snapshot.

How to update your Facebook Profile

Roll over of profile snapshot

Facebook profile as an 'art project'

When someone rolls over your name on facebook, they present a small profile snapshot.

Here you see I have a photo of me when I was a kid. You also see one of my pretty photos.

My ‘art' profile

facebook profile art

Updated cover image and profile

facebook profile updated

I went in and changed my profile image to something more professional and reflective of my current self.

I also updated the cover photo to be more marketing oriented. I'm not sure this is the final image, but it was much better than the previous one of a butterfly.

Note I also improved the “intro” in the lower left. Make that your marketing pitch!

Still have some issues with my history in roll-over popup snapshot

My main business is “giveawayRocket” and LightRumors was something I was working on as a hobby hoping to eventually make it a business.

But I don't want it to appear as my “main thing!”

I also graduated from college 40+ years ago so that's not really appropriate to what I am currently doing. It may be for you, but not for me.

Also, nobody cares about my high school!

Edit your “about” page

This is where the meat of the action is for that popup snapshot.

I deleted all the stuff that doesn’t matter any more – college, high school etc. They're gone. I'm not trying to connect with people from those groups.

From what I can tell, the only way to update what it says on that popup snapshot of you is for your most recent “workplace” to be at the top – and that's based on the date!

I actually started giveawayRocket back in 2016, but to get it above LightRumors, I had to put it as 2018.

The final version of my popup profile

You can see that it is much cleaner and specifys more of what I really want people to see about me.

Thanks Tom for making me update this!

Next stop? Linkedin profile!