Mover’s Mastermind



NOTE: This is a recurring monthly payment

The “movers” are people who are seriously and aggressively building their business… frankly I don’t think this will be for you if you’re just growing your business as a hobby and I also will not take your money if you’re not motivated and actively growing your business.

This recurring mastermind will be very hands on depending on your needs – it isn’t all one on one, but you will have a chance to work with me in a group environment.

Who should join?

  • Who’s right for this?
    • Entrepreneurs and Small Business owners who are striving to skyrocket and nurture their list to ultimately grow the bottom line.
    • You do not have to be skilled in running and managing contests – but if you’re already skilled, there’s a place here for you to learn from others and to explode your list as well.
    • We’ll encourage you to be running contests/giveaways on a regular basis… and we’ll all learn to do them so they’re crushing the market and fun.
    • You like to have fun
  • Who’s wrong?
    • Someone who only rarely cares about their business or adding hundreds or thousands of new leads every month
    • If you’re not dying to grow, don’t show.
    • You’re boring

What’s in it for you?

Note: items below are planned to be provided, but as this is a beta launch, we may decide to add or remove features – but it will always be to your advantage. My goal is to over provide.

  • 1 on 1 things
    • Onboarding One-on-One Video Zoom Call
      • Each new member will have a one-on-one onboarding call scheduled, so we can learn what your biggest struggles are and how we can help you.
    • Quarterly Laser-Focused One on One Video Zoom Coaching Calls
      • Get ultra-clear on your goals and talk one-on-one with experts who have your back. Members have the opportunity to schedule a laser focused one on one call every quarter to discuss milestones and goal setting for the next quarter. 
  • Group Accountability
    • Weekly Accountability Video Zoom Calls
      • Stay on track with what you’re working on right now and ACTUALLY follow-through on what you need to do to reach your goals. 
      • That’s the bonus of having a virtual business partner in your pocket!
    • Weekly Office Hours Video Zoom Calls
      • Stuck on something and need feedback and help right away? We hang out on Zoom video call every week to answer any questions that you have.
  • Training and Support
    • Exclusive content not shared anywhere else – or at least 3 months before it is shared publicly
    • Campaign Launch Reviews 
      • members can submit their contests for review. Each month we select a couple of sites to review and create a video to share with the group to give tips to improve your sites. 
    • Ninja Knowledge Nugget Training
      • Quick, action taking strategies that you can use RIGHT NOW! 
    • Unlimited access to our Training Library
      • The best marketing strategies, both online and offline. You have access to the Core Content and other trainings to watch at your leisure.
    • Community of people who “get it”
      • Surround yourself with other entrepreneurs who have skin in the game and are just as committed as you to making this work – so you learn, share and grow together.
  • Assets:
    • Exclusive community of like minded business owners (value – ‘priceless’)
    • Exclusive Live 24 hour chat room (on Discord)
    • More coming as I think of it 😉


A testimony from Anthony Van Dort (recorded July 2020)